DVD Review – Flashback: “The Game”

Sick-Ting Movie, Innit?

Released -1997
Director – David Fincher
Starring – Michael Douglas, Sean Penn

This is director David Fincher’s follow-up to one of our personal favourites, “Se7en”. “The Game” focuses on the life of Nicholas Van Orten (Douglas), a rich but rather lonely and uptight dude. For his birthday his brother (Penn) gives him a gift like no other – access to a highly exclusive, interactive Game. What starts out as a game of smoke-and-mirrors quickly snowballs into something much more sinister and life-threatening.

With all its twists and turns “The Game” is much more than your average thriller. It was engaging and exciting, and Michael Douglas proved very convincing. The DVD extras were insightful with commentary from the director and a look behind-the-scenes. Though farfetched, this film was very entertaining – however – the ending felt forced and therefore let this movie down.
8/10 hearts



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