It’s an Encore for King Mathers

Dre with a towel Eminem threw from the stage

Eminem aka Slim Shady aka Marshall Mathers III and all the rest… confirmed on his radio station Shade 45 that he plans to make a return to the music world with the release of his 5th studio album. Woo-Hoo! Thank the lord because his last album, “Encore” was less than impressive in our opinion. Ha.

Rumors at the moment are that the new album will be called “King Mathers”. More rumors suggest that Eminem will return to his more lyrical style of rapping. Yay.

Eminem is Back
Oh and BTW, the story that the Enquirer printed about him being fat and over 200lbs is false. It holds no wieght. Aha, we’re on fire tonight =) 


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