Who Should Be the Next Joker?


Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Who is he?

Currently starring as Henry VIII in TV show, “The Tudors”.


Why him?

He can pick up where Heath left off, with his creepy voice and “crazy eye”.


2 responses to “Who Should Be the Next Joker?

  1. He is hot. Yes he can pull of the role, but I would rather him play two charactors. hummm? let’s say Twoface. yes, I can see him pulling that off. He is the jack of all trades. Did I mention that he is hot?

  2. I love JRM, but I don’t think there should be a new Joker. Heath was perfect, he made that role, and I think it would be an insult to his memory. If JRM had been the Joker BEFORE Heath, thne he’d be awesome. But at the end of the day, I think the role of the Joker was and always will be Heath’s.

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