Watch This Space: Idris Elba

 Idris Elba

Age: 36

Home town: Hackney, London, UK

Lives: New York, USA



There are a few reasons why we love Idris Elba:

1.      He’s a fellow Brit

2.      We admire anyone who can do an accent to perfection

3.      He’s pretty darn hot


Not only that, but the man can act. Elba made a name for himself on the critically acclaimed TV show, “The Wire” as Stringer Bell, a drug dealer/business man and blew audiences away with his solid acting ability and faultless American accent. He was so convincing, he stuck to the accent when talking to American fans, “I don’t want to break the illusion”, he said.


His biggest film appearance was in “American Gangster” in 2007, and stars in the latest Guy Ritchie film, “RocknRolla” due for release next month, and with five other films in the works, it won’t be long until Idris Elba is a household name.


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