Actor Spotlight: Jason Statham


Age: 36

Location: London, United Kingdom

Most famous movie: “The Italian Job”

One to watch: “Snatch”


Was an Olympic diver for the British National team before getting into acting.

An expert kick boxer

Attended grammar school where he played football


His first acting role was also Guy Richie’s directorial debut – “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”

Got into acting while he was modelling for French Connection – they put him forward for an audition

Did nearly all his stunts for the film “The Transporter”


Dated: Kelly Brook, Sophie Monk, Alex Zosman




One response to “Actor Spotlight: Jason Statham

  1. hi jason i have all ways been intrested in acting i have been having small part in tv drama lick casualty and doctor who and touchwood non speaking roll but have the add thing to say in these tv drama it diffecalt to find the right part many thank carl

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