Pleease come out soon! “Pride and Glory”

“Pride and Glory”
It’s no secret that we have a mild obsession with Edward Norton. We’re also rather fond of Colin Farrell. Throw New York cops into the mix and you’ve got the perfect film. Oh, and we can’t forget Jon “Joe Buck” Voight.
We are aware that this film is already out (debuted at number 5 in the box office in the Sates – not bad, considering the likes of “High School Musical 3” and “Saw V” are number one and two: a sad day for the film industry), but us Brits have another couple of weeks to wait.
“Pride and Glory” is a story about family, scandal and corruption – three elements that make for a perfect crime drama. This long awaited flick is sure to get the critic’s tongues wagging.
RELEASE DATE: 7th November 2008


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