Man and Wife


According to the rumour-mill, Nicole Kidman is set to star in a new flick called “The Danish Girl” as a post-op transsexual.

Based on the true story of artists Einer and Greta Wegener, KidMAN (ha.) will play Einer  opposite Charlize Theron who is set to play Greta. The two will portray the married couple whose married life did a 360 when Einer stood in for a female model that Greta was set to paint.

sleepwalking 070308

The paintings became increasingly popular in the 1920s in Copenhagen – so much so that wifey (Theron) encouraged hubby (Kidman) to y’know, carry on being a chick’n’stuff. Anyways, this lead him to have the groundbreaking operation in 1931.

The question children, is this: who else would you like to see be a transsexual???

We’ll go with…. Kate Bosworth. Anyone remember her??


Wait, can she act? I forgot.



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