We’re Actually Quite Upset…

Premiere Pride And Glory NY

It is common knowledge that we are Ed Norton and Colin Farrell worshippers fans. We also love ourselves a lil Joe Buck. So of course “Pride and Glory” was a point of excitement for us. So imagine our disgust at the fact that at only after two weeks of its release date, P&G is not showing in any London cinemas. None. Why is that?
British readers can verify, “P&G” was constantly advertised on telly and you couldn’t sit at a train station or pass a billboard without seeing Edward and Colin’s pretty faces. So why on earth would they advertise it to death and then yank it after only two weeks? Not only that, but it wasn’t even showing in all the major cinemas in London from the beginning.
So, the long and short of it, is that we have still not seen “Pride and Glory”. Wonder how long we’ll have to wait for the DVD release?


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