Theatre Review – Josh Hartnett in “Rain Man”

Dre outside the theatre

So it’s no secret that Josh Hartnett has been cutting his teeth in the theatre for the past few months. We thought we’d go and check him out.

Smack in the middle of Picadilly Circus, London is where the Apollo theatre lies and while it is wonderfully decadent, the acoustics are not so great. We did struggle to hear what old Joshie was saying at times but then, we did have nose-bleed seats right near the top.

Rain Man is the story of an autistic man named Raymond and his estranged brother (Josh Hartnett) who are opposites at first but begin to build a brotherly bond through the adventurous week they share together.

The actor playing Raymond was fantastic and the supporting cast were also excellent. The play is much more condensed than the movie, although saying that, some of the scenes are spoken verbatim from the original script. The production was so interesting, the scene changes were slick and really in keeping with the style of the play.

As for Josh, he did a very good job. It is hard to put Tom Cruise out of your mind while watching him though. Heartthrob Hartnett definitely seemed more relaxed after the interval, where he produced some really great emotion.


Maybe he was nervous due to the fact that Nicole Kidman was there watching him? Thank god we were slightly late because it was while we were collecting our tickets from the box office that we turned around only to be faced with Nicole Kidman – who we must say, is so much more beautiful in real life. Eager to see the play, we simply smiled at went to take our seats (no celeb harassment) so no piccies, sorry!

This does beg the question though, how would you react to seeing a celeb? Would you ask for an autograph? Picture? What would you do?


5 responses to “Theatre Review – Josh Hartnett in “Rain Man”

  1. It’s alway good to get things from celebrities cos you can sell them on ebay. If ur really cute & polite and like say to them: ‘Your my favourite whatever and I can believe that I’m meeting you, could I have a little something so I know it’s not a dream.’ My mate Lisa gets load of stuff this way and she hates most people. The smallest thing that you can get is an autograph. If ur smart you’ll already have printed out like a picture of them and if you fold it up so they don’t know that’s what they are signing. Don’t let them kiss you because that’s worth shit. Always bring stuff for them to sign cos they love it and you can sell it for more money: DVDs, CDs, T-shirts, etc. Lisa got Nicole’s signature on Weds nite and for £300 quid it could be yours – it’s really cheap cos she’s not popular at the moment with all these flops she does. We already sold the Josh Harnett one.

  2. I am pleased to visit your great post. Do you have thoughts on what Josh is doing next by way of theater?

    I run Absolute Josh Hartnett and hope you will join us as well.

  3. We’ll check it out!
    We’re not sure if Josh is returning to theatre… we think he’s going back to movies for a while, but it’ll be nice for him to do some more in the future!!

  4. Do u want the Nicole’s autograph or not? Lisa says u can have it for £250 cos of the resession.

  5. lol, no thank you! we think we’ll just stick to watching her movies, but thank you!

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