So he’s a rapper now….

If you remember, actor/hot guy Joaquin Phoenix announced last year that he would be retiring from movies and starting a new career as a musician. Well, he kicked off his campaign to be a rapper by performing this past weekend to a packed Las Vegas club. Now, we personally didn’t think Joaquin was that bad, (check out his swagger, y’all), but who woulda thought ole Joaq could spit lyrics? (well, he did give us a lil taste in his latest film Two Lovers reviewed here). Check him out!


NOTE: is that Casey Affleck filming that we can see?

Oh, and here’s Joaquin falling off the stage. Dangerously funny, we warn you.

This makes us think: what should Joaquin’s rap name be? Cast your vote, or comment with you own suggestions!


2 responses to “So he’s a rapper now….

  1. The Mighty Quin!

  2. Like it, Like it!!

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