Colours of the seeeeeeason

Donna Karen @ NY Fashion week S/S '10

During my frantic two hour pillage of the Topshop sale in the flagship store in Oxford Circus, London, I had a sneak peak at the new season’s collections and was greeted with wall-to-wall nudes. Or peaches, tans, beiges, whatever you want to call it. The New Year is bringing in a wave of neutral, feminine shades, which I for one am all for.

Topshop dress in Mink

 Now I hate to say ‘I told you so’, but I’ve had a thing for natural shades for a while now. From my oversized off the shoulder, lightweight jersey top in nude from H&M, to my peach coloured oversized mans shirt bought vintage from EBay, I’ve had a feeling these colours would find their way into women’s wardrobes across the land, or maybe rifling through the fashion mags gave me the notion subconsciously: we’ll never know. As these things tend to go, the trend started way back in Autumn of last year when designers showed their 2010 Spring/Summer pieces at the various Fashion Week’s across the globe, and this eventually tricked down into the high street (giving people like me hope). Christopher Kane in London, Phillip Lim in New York and Lanvin in Paris all had nods to this trend, but it’s not just these shades that are making waves – team these colours with lace, gingham, and billowing, drapey dresses with a longer hemline (knee scrapers to mid calf will do) for a romantic, antique-doll look:

Lanvin @ Paris Fashion S/S '10

 If, like me, budgets do not stretch to old Chrissy Kane, check out, Topshop, or even Next, as I stumbled upon this delightful lace jacket for a decent price. Douse yourself in Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent or Lola by Marc Jacobs to complete the experience. My dream outfit? Nude lace body, black peg leg ankle scraping trousers, black draping jacket with gold beading and black patent peep-toe ankle boots (oh yay I own those boots!) Now if only I had the body of Lara Stone…


Dre x


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