Slash and Grab


So it’s come to light that H&M, a personal favourite store of ours, has been slashing and trashing wearable items of clothing instead of donating them to charity or recycling. First reported in The New York Times, a student of University of New York, Cynthia Magnus, discovered the stash of destroyed clothes in bin bags outside one of their stores on 34th Street. So why so drastic? Well when pressed for an explanation, H&M spokeswoman Nicole Christie simply says “This will not happen again” and “this is not our standard practice”. Um, okay so why would one store take it upon them to go to such extremes to stopping people getting their hands on H&M merch? I guess they don’t want anyone wearing their clothes if they can’t afford it, which is sad. Big name brands should have a bit more of a conscious when it comes to ethics – or at least have a mega sale, offering cast-offs for a dollar a pop. We’d be first in line.


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