Living in England I’ve just gotten used to certain things. Rain. Failure at most sporting events. The complete hysteria that occurs anytime there’s more than an inch of snow. Since I was a young’n it has snowed, without fail, every year which is why I’m baffled as to why this country seems to momentarily lose its mind and shut down completely when it snows. For two weeks we’ve had weather broadcasters, newspapers and old people at the bus stop preaching about how the snow is imminent, how many inches we’re expecting blah blah etc etc. So why oh why did councils up and down the country run out of grit due to “an unprecedented amount of snow to contend with”. Bull hockey. Not to mention no transport, about a million school closures and basically ‘the end is nigh’ mentality. The news doesn’t help. Imagine my dismay when Cash in the Attic was cancelled to hold a BBC news special about something we already knew would happen. Watching the news casters stifle smiles and try to mask their excitement at airport closures and people being stranded in their cars over night nearly inspired me to throw various objects at the telly. I wonder how the folks in Canada or New York cope with their yearly snow fall, and my best guess would be they get on with it like we should be doing.

Photographs by Vicky & Dre


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