“The world is coming to an end”…

Haiti earthquake damage

..says one Haitian woman. And she may not be so wrong.

Yesterday saw complete devastation in Haiti as an earthquake hit the Carribean country. Measured as magnitude 7, it’s the worst the country has had in 200 years. At the time of writing this, the death toll is steadily rising and is estimated to reach a soul-destroying 100,000 people.

Unfortunately, this is only one of many natural disasters that have occurred in the past 10 years. Hurricane Katrina (2005), the Indian Ocean earthquake/Tsunami (2004), the Kashmir earthquake (2005) and the European heatwave (2003) alone claimed incomprehensible amounts of lives. But there were also wars, terrorist attacks, famines, floods, riots and murders. And, illnesses like AIDS and cancer. What’s going on?

The world’s gone schizo. The World is not happy. Mother Nature is angry. And animals are dying out. I am not one of the 3 people that watched the movie ‘2012’, but I do happen to know the history behind it. According to the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar (a form of time-keeping used by the Maya Civilization), the date that the world’s current cycle will end is on December 21 or 23 2012. This either means that we will all undergo a positive and spiritual transformation, resulting in the dawning of a new Era, OR something devastating will happen, resulting in the end of the world (as we know it.)

Now, this is not the most believable story amongst modern cynics. Especially since the modern Maya do not endorse this theory, nor do they use the ancient calendar system. But believers believe, and with the rise of these freakish ‘natural’ disasters (global warming? Or is there some God we pissed off?…) who’s to say they are wrong? The theory is not completely outside the realms of possibility.

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