Anything You Can Do, Courtney Did Better

Whilst casually looking through Courtney Love pics on t’internet, I noticed something. There’s a fair few trends resurfacing that Courtney started in the 90’s. We all know Grunge is back, but I seriously think a few designers made C-Love mood boards when doing their sketches:

Courts in the early 90's

Dress from Asos

Mid 90's: Navy dress

Navy French Connection dress

More to come…

Dre x


2 responses to “Anything You Can Do, Courtney Did Better

  1. I’m only a guy, but it’s always nice to see a girl in a cool dress, I like the feminine look and I’ve truly had enough of the horrible eighties inspired fashions, eg. shoulder pads, painfully thin jeans, fluro, etc, etc

    • Hey, we like comments from guys! It’s interesting to know from the male perspective that the 80s thing is getting lame.
      You’ll be glad to know that neon is firmly out the door and girls will be wearing pretty, feminine pastel and nude shades.
      Shoulderpads may be around for a while though, sorry Pepe.

      Vicky and Dre

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