Valentine’s Day Bullsh*t

I hate Valentine’s Day as much as the next feminist – actually, as much as the next media-savvy human being – and for all your usual reasons: corporate scam, greeting card holiday etc. blah blah. But this V-Day I had a special reason.

In the last few weeks in the UK there have been adverts on the TV trying to sell me Fleetwood Mac’s The Very Best Of as “the perfect Valentine’s Day gift”. This comes equipped with an irony so intense that it’s almost the greatest advertising joke ever.  Anyone with Wikipedia (which is anyone with the internet, which is everyone) can find out that Fleetwood Mac have had more relationship break-ups, make-ups, divorces, tantrums, bitterness and resentment towards each other than probably any other group of people IN THE WORLD. (How romantic.) They’ve also written some of the bestest songs and most famous riffs in the world, which is why the connotation seems to have been rendered irrelevant by the bigwigs.

The worst part about it is that I have this CD, it is a very good CD, and the sum of their efforts – their greatest body of work – has been promoted and shopped as nothing more than a Valentine’s present. It irks me to think that clueless and unimaginative men have bought this CD for no other reason than that the advertisers assured them it would be a well received gift. Well not in my book.  I’m a Mac fan and any other day of the year I’d love someone to give this to me but like I said, there is zero romance in being given this on Valentine’s Day. In terms of love songs there are maybe… 3? (I’d like to point out to any shallow and idealistic sensitive types that what sound like love songs aren’t. They are actually laments of lost love.)

This seems to sum up the lack of respect for music in general. CD’s are flogged rather than advertised:  “This will make your mum happy. This is perfect for Christmas. Can’t think of what to buy your son? He’ll love this! Dad’s favourite CD…” Sigh. I could be taking all this too seriously but then again, I could be on to something. Music is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day.



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