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Disclaimers done, I’m talking John Terry. Ok, Dude is a footballer who slept with the mother of his teammate’s child. As “punishment”, he was stripped of his captaincy but remains on the England squad. Wayne Bridge (the guy whose ex it was) has since left the team because he can’t basically be in the same room as him. But my question is, Why wasn’t John Terry sacked?

Cheated on his wife with the mother of his friend's child.

John Terry f*cked up, there’s no denying that. He hasn’t apologised for his actions, yet he’s being allowed to represent our country in the World Cup??

Let me explain: I’m English, therefore I like football. Being English means I’d also like win at a goddamn sport for once, but not at the exclusion of morals. John Terry should have been removed from the England squad the minute there was any sign of divide or contempt in the locker room. What essentially has happened is that we have lost a good, honourable and innocent member of our team because he is ‘not as good as John Terry’.

Happier times - Wayne Bridge

This is everything that is wrong with England. We finally have a chance at getting far in the World Cup, possibly even winning it and something like this happens which could potentially ruin our chances. But such is the desperation to just win something, we effectively say to the world that we think behaviour like this is OK if you kick a ball OK.

I hate to say “what would the neighbours think?” but come on, it’s bad enough that our footballers have developed this reputation but it’s worse that we appear to be turning a blind eye to it (as Britain does so brilliantly). For the sake of a bloody game. What about countries like China who couldn’t give a f*ck about winning or losing a damn match because they have more important things to do. ITS JUST FOOTBALL! If we lose, we lose; and it’s because John Terry’s was f*cking around and not putting the team – and the whole country of England, bytheway – first. But… what if we did sack JT and Ashley Cole and then we lost first round?

Wayne Bridge left the team because he has values. We let the only morally decent man in this debacle walk away from the opportunity to participate in the World Cup – something which he’d earned and deserves.

I hope we lose.



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