Riff Watch #2 Nirvana/Arctic Monkeys

Nirvana “Very Ape” intro riff


Arctic Monkeys “Potion Approaching” intro riff


2 responses to “Riff Watch #2 Nirvana/Arctic Monkeys

  1. i’m a nirvana fan, but very ape’s riff is a copy, of the song “Kanishka” by los Brujos. Los brujos is an argentinian band, when nirvana came to argentina in 1992, los brujos were the show openers, and when they go to the backstage, they gave kurt a copy of their album “Fin de semana salvaje” (1991).
    Actually is not really a copy, i mean, is a kind of influence in kurt’s music. GRUNGE COME BACK PLEASEEEE. Good Blog.
    Listen to Kanishka here…

    • Hey!
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I can see the similarity!
      Kurt did have a habit of picking up riffs (Come As You Are being influenced by the band Killing Joke)

      Vicky x

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