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Riff Watch #3 – Blur / Placebo

Blur – ‘Coping’ riff

 is similar to

Placebo – ‘Never-Ending Why’


Riff Watch #2 Nirvana/Arctic Monkeys

Nirvana “Very Ape” intro riff


Arctic Monkeys “Potion Approaching” intro riff

Arctic Monkeys VS Britney Spears

Guitar riff in Arctic Monkey’s Old Yellow Bricks:

Sounds like the main riff in

Britney Spears’ If You Seek Amy:


Captain Beefheart Vs Kanye West

Captain Beefheart – “Trust us (take 9)” [from 30 secs- about 1.50]

Sounds like

Kanye West – “Get ’em High” (kinda..)

(And the first 30 secs of Captain Beefheart actually sounds a little like ‘Just Like Me’ – Eminem)

Riff watch #1 Auf der Maur/Nirvana

Melissa Auf der Maur’s “Beast of honor” intro


Nirvana – “Big Cheese” main riff.