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New Records: Hole, The Dead Weather, Karen Elson

Above is the artwork for the new Hole record Nobody’s Daughter, scheduled for release sometime in April. ‘citing!

The lead off single is Skinny Little Bitch which we have been enjoying for sometime now (legally) thanks to the free download Courtney allowed a few weeks back. The song is kicking – not the best on the record but a decent prock (pop-rock, yeh, we coined it) song.

BTW, the back cover, which you can view here looks like the back booklet cover for My Body the Hand Grenade, an earlier Hole compilation record.

Above is a video of Jack White and Dean Fertita discussing various things, namely the new Dead Weather record. In it, besides debuting his new Nikki Sixx inspired haircut, Jack tells us that the album will be called Sea of Cowards – ‘citing! I believe the album will be out May 11th.

The lead off single is not Blue Blood Blues, as we previously reported but a song called Die By the Drop. (B-Side is called Old Mary.) The video for said single has been circulating the net before being hastily removed a couple days ago. The band have however kindly given a teaser for the vid below.

As for the song, I’ve heard it and it’s ok. It’s neither here nor there, with a riff similar to Another Way to Die (Bond theme tune by Jack White and Alicia Keys.) Blue Blood Blues is marginally better but I don’t have the same feeling I had the first time I heard Hang You From the Heavens. However, the dichotomy of The Dead Weather is such; from the outside they don’t seem like much but when you get inside and underneath and entwined with the songs, they’re the most carnal, real songs you’ll ever hear. Plus, the songs are always half of what they sound like live – so come on tour to England already!

‘The Ghost Who Walks’
‘The Truth Is The Dirt’
‘Pretty Babies’
‘100 Years From Now’
‘Stolen Roses’
‘Cruel Summer’
‘The Birds They Circle’
‘A Thief At My Door’
‘The Last Laugh’
‘Mouths To Feed’

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of the lovely Jack White, how about his lovely wife! Above is the tracklisting for Karen Elson’s new record The Ghost Who Walks, which will be out May 26th. The title track/lead single is already available for download. The B-Side to the single is a song called Stolen Roses, which is like some twisted version of Scarborough Fair. Nice.

And, Jack White just made a song with Jay Z. Yeh. Seriously. Who do I have to shoot to get my hands on that…?


Grow Some Balls

Firstly, we are not a news-y type of site – we are a blog slash opinion page. If you would like further info on some of the topics we discuss, our advice is to google the issue for the full deets.

Disclaimers done, I’m talking John Terry. Ok, Dude is a footballer who slept with the mother of his teammate’s child. As “punishment”, he was stripped of his captaincy but remains on the England squad. Wayne Bridge (the guy whose ex it was) has since left the team because he can’t basically be in the same room as him. But my question is, Why wasn’t John Terry sacked?

Cheated on his wife with the mother of his friend's child.

John Terry f*cked up, there’s no denying that. He hasn’t apologised for his actions, yet he’s being allowed to represent our country in the World Cup??

Let me explain: I’m English, therefore I like football. Being English means I’d also like win at a goddamn sport for once, but not at the exclusion of morals. John Terry should have been removed from the England squad the minute there was any sign of divide or contempt in the locker room. What essentially has happened is that we have lost a good, honourable and innocent member of our team because he is ‘not as good as John Terry’.

Happier times - Wayne Bridge

This is everything that is wrong with England. We finally have a chance at getting far in the World Cup, possibly even winning it and something like this happens which could potentially ruin our chances. But such is the desperation to just win something, we effectively say to the world that we think behaviour like this is OK if you kick a ball OK.

I hate to say “what would the neighbours think?” but come on, it’s bad enough that our footballers have developed this reputation but it’s worse that we appear to be turning a blind eye to it (as Britain does so brilliantly). For the sake of a bloody game. What about countries like China who couldn’t give a f*ck about winning or losing a damn match because they have more important things to do. ITS JUST FOOTBALL! If we lose, we lose; and it’s because John Terry’s was f*cking around and not putting the team – and the whole country of England, bytheway – first. But… what if we did sack JT and Ashley Cole and then we lost first round?

Wayne Bridge left the team because he has values. We let the only morally decent man in this debacle walk away from the opportunity to participate in the World Cup – something which he’d earned and deserves.

I hope we lose.


Good Hair

No reason for the provocative title, (ethnics will know what I mean) other than I really do have good hair at the moment.

I share, I share. It is thanks to Ojon hair products. The secret to the products is an ancient oil called Ojon oil from a tree or something, discovered by a tribe of people called the Tawera (which translates as “The people of beautiful hair”).

I have been using the products for about 3 years now and it’s the one I always use when my hair is not braided. The must-haves are the hydrating shampoo, the hydrating conditioner and the pure ojon oil. It creates body and strength in the hair, and tremendous volume when blowdried. It is not specifically for Black hair (I believe Scarlett Johnasson copied me as usual and uses Ojon) but I find it works great for my hair and keeps it healthy. 

However, my sister finds that is does not work as well for her. So to each her own, or however you say it.


(Products available from QVC)

“The world is coming to an end”…

Haiti earthquake damage

..says one Haitian woman. And she may not be so wrong.

Yesterday saw complete devastation in Haiti as an earthquake hit the Carribean country. Measured as magnitude 7, it’s the worst the country has had in 200 years. At the time of writing this, the death toll is steadily rising and is estimated to reach a soul-destroying 100,000 people.

Unfortunately, this is only one of many natural disasters that have occurred in the past 10 years. Hurricane Katrina (2005), the Indian Ocean earthquake/Tsunami (2004), the Kashmir earthquake (2005) and the European heatwave (2003) alone claimed incomprehensible amounts of lives. But there were also wars, terrorist attacks, famines, floods, riots and murders. And, illnesses like AIDS and cancer. What’s going on?

The world’s gone schizo. The World is not happy. Mother Nature is angry. And animals are dying out. I am not one of the 3 people that watched the movie ‘2012’, but I do happen to know the history behind it. According to the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar (a form of time-keeping used by the Maya Civilization), the date that the world’s current cycle will end is on December 21 or 23 2012. This either means that we will all undergo a positive and spiritual transformation, resulting in the dawning of a new Era, OR something devastating will happen, resulting in the end of the world (as we know it.)

Now, this is not the most believable story amongst modern cynics. Especially since the modern Maya do not endorse this theory, nor do they use the ancient calendar system. But believers believe, and with the rise of these freakish ‘natural’ disasters (global warming? Or is there some God we pissed off?…) who’s to say they are wrong? The theory is not completely outside the realms of possibility.

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Aah, those words feel good in my mouth.

Recently,  grunge seems to have climbed its way out of its early grave by the grubby hands and crawled its way back into our consciousness. Although, I don’t think it was really dead (though some argue that it died with Kurdt Cobain.) NIRVANA was one of the biggest groups of the 90s. A band like that isn’t just forgotten because they don’t make records anymore. I, for one, can say that I listen to a Nirvana record at least twice a week and there are tons like me. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had the steady release of post-humus ‘new’ Nirvana paraphernalia to buy.

But GRUNGE goes beyond Nirvana. It’s a movement. It’s an identity. So much of grunge music is poetry. A shy person’s poetry. Painfully honest lyrics wrapped up in metaphors and delivered in an aggressive, sometimes incoherent way. Like a teenager having a tantrum.[ I think that was the side of me that instantly got drawn to its emotive power.] But deeper than that, the grunge/riot grrl! movement that was happening in the early 90s is not dissimilar to what was happening with Punk in the late 70s. Kids had never been more creative, experimenting with words and language, (L7’s ‘Wargasm’ being an example.) They found modern ways to express political opinions through the music and the fanzines, and found a way of slipping melodies into hard rock music. But the core of the movement was the juxtaposition between all things light and beautiful and all things scruffy and dark.  

Grunge fanzine 'Bikini Kill'. 2nd edition

This was also reflected in the fashion. The ‘Kinderwhore’ thing began: girls wearing cute babydoll dresses, mary-janes, makeup and hair clips. Though the dresses and tights were often ripped, the makeup smudged and/or heavily applied, and the hair a Punk hairspray mess. The style, roughly translated from German means ‘Child Whore’ and was concoted by either Courtney Love (Hole) or Kat Bjelland (Babes in Toyland). It is not known which, as both seem to have staked claim on the look. It is a look that sums up how so many young girls feel; child-like, young and carefree, however, sexualised by men and the media. It was a way of owning the sexualisation that was (involuntarily) happening, a way of reclaiming their sexuality. Feminism, at its most jaded, was in the youth. And this look is one that can still be seen today, in tea dresses/vintage dresses teamed with biker/’grunge’ boots. The ultimate juxtaposition between beautiful and dark was  Mr Grunge himself, Kurt Cobain. Blond, beautiful, but a complete mess.

The 90s was a time when people were coming down from the heady heights of the 80s. The hedonism, indulgence, greed, and vanity had taken its toll, the economy had since declined and this left a gaping hole for the disaffected youths to re-package Punk and scream out their frustrations. With the dawning of this new decade, maybe the same thing is needed to combat the similarly indulgent Noughties?

And it seems to be the case.

Over the last few years we have seen the return of grunge bands Sonic Youth, Pearl Jam, Faith No More, Pixies, Alice in Chains and more recently, Hole and Soundgarden. Grunge did not die. Many bands came and went in between, including new ones like French band Sassy. What I’m saying is that Grunge cannot and will not die. As long as there are kids with guitars, a decent CD player and things to worry about, it will live forever. What happens is that it just becomes unfashionable every decade or two.

GRUNGE went away while the 00s attitude of ‘party party money money’ leant itself to Pop, Dance and R&B music. With the recent recession looming and lingering, GRUNGE, is back.


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Be gone, from Wentz you came.


I read an article recently which spoke of the problem the 2000s had with music. The over-exposure of artists the over-production of albums and, frankly, the quantity of shite we were forced to endure. We are all, I’m sure, aware that these problems exist in the mainstream but this article was talking about Indie; referring to many bands as ‘indie landfill’. And it’s true. I mean, that was a genre invented and destroyed in (less than) 10 yrs. We went from Franz Ferdinand to The Hoosiers. Legions of posh-boy, non-singing pointless Indie bands crawled out from under rocks (or Universities, as some people call them) when The Strokes… (wait, what was the official story on them? Broke up? On a break?) …couldn’t be arsed anymore. Indie was bad, yeah. Indie suffered. But there were gems in between that we can be thankful for (such as Arctic Monkeys.)

BUT there was a worse problem happening: the formation of the pseudo-punk pop band. The Jimmy Eat World-wannabes. Bands with decidedly less talent than JEW but hell bent on making a record anyways. I was concerned at first that music fans were falling for this junk. Then I realised hey, it’s not the Jimmy Eat World market buying these records, it’s kids. Kids with cash buy Panic! At the disco and Fall Out Boy records. The former have split and the latter… well. Now there are bands copying them.


AT the crux of this problem is a man called Pete Wentz. It’s 2004 and kids are going crazy for Fall Out Boy. An obsession starts to form with the diminutive, black-haired bass player. Before you know it he’s all over MTV. Adults know Pete but not the band. Those that knew the band assumed he was the singer. And as if by magic, the least talented member had become the most famous. Thus, appearing on my radar. Who is this… Pete Wentz? I don’t want to see you in MY magazines. My GROWN UP magazines. I don’t want to see you on my grown up E! News program. Yes, it got worse. He became a celebrity. For what? And he became the first of many mediocre, band-member celebrities. Then, like a bad penny there he is at MY MTV Europe Music Awards acting as a backstage ‘correspondent’. Proving that all he was really capable of was slurring his words like a stoner and asking stoner questions to legends like Juliette Lewis and Placebo. (Who he no doubt felt inferior to.)


WHAT happened in the Noughties? Were we so desperate for celebrities that we accepted this man/boy? He should be made to return to his traditional bass player role as the silent, forgotten one. Were we so desperate for music that we accepted Fall Out Boy as a form of Punk? Not that I think anyone would call it that, because the Noughties was also the decade where Rock music broke down into a million different sub-categories. Like Emo. And ‘Scene’, remember that?

SO what now? Panic! At the disco are gone, yes, but for true freedom to occur Fall Out Boy must be destroyed. Or in the next 10 yrs we can expect the rise of the FOB wannabes like youmeatsix. And Metro Station. (Gosh, gimme break with that band. Since when was Punk about whispering??) I don’t like it. I don’t like THIS. Seriously, it feels like Rock music is being hijacked and sucked away into a vacuum of digital keyboards and even worse: tweens. So, what would I like for this next decade? Honestly, I would like these bands to be gone, from Wentz they came.