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Disclaimers done, I’m talking John Terry. Ok, Dude is a footballer who slept with the mother of his teammate’s child. As “punishment”, he was stripped of his captaincy but remains on the England squad. Wayne Bridge (the guy whose ex it was) has since left the team because he can’t basically be in the same room as him. But my question is, Why wasn’t John Terry sacked?

Cheated on his wife with the mother of his friend's child.

John Terry f*cked up, there’s no denying that. He hasn’t apologised for his actions, yet he’s being allowed to represent our country in the World Cup??

Let me explain: I’m English, therefore I like football. Being English means I’d also like win at a goddamn sport for once, but not at the exclusion of morals. John Terry should have been removed from the England squad the minute there was any sign of divide or contempt in the locker room. What essentially has happened is that we have lost a good, honourable and innocent member of our team because he is ‘not as good as John Terry’.

Happier times - Wayne Bridge

This is everything that is wrong with England. We finally have a chance at getting far in the World Cup, possibly even winning it and something like this happens which could potentially ruin our chances. But such is the desperation to just win something, we effectively say to the world that we think behaviour like this is OK if you kick a ball OK.

I hate to say “what would the neighbours think?” but come on, it’s bad enough that our footballers have developed this reputation but it’s worse that we appear to be turning a blind eye to it (as Britain does so brilliantly). For the sake of a bloody game. What about countries like China who couldn’t give a f*ck about winning or losing a damn match because they have more important things to do. ITS JUST FOOTBALL! If we lose, we lose; and it’s because John Terry’s was f*cking around and not putting the team – and the whole country of England, bytheway – first. But… what if we did sack JT and Ashley Cole and then we lost first round?

Wayne Bridge left the team because he has values. We let the only morally decent man in this debacle walk away from the opportunity to participate in the World Cup – something which he’d earned and deserves.

I hope we lose.



Jack’s Girls

I love Jack White.

I love everything Jack White wears, everything Jack White does, everything Jack White plays, everything Jack White says, everything Jack White touches… which is why it is surprising for me to be able to say that I love Jack White’s wife too!

Not only is wife Karen Elson, in my opinion, the second most beautiful redheaded model in England (next to Lily Cole of course), but she also makes amazing music.

Above is a song by Miss Elson/Mrs White called “The Ghost Who Walks” which is recorded live. Apart from being stunning, she also has a brilliant voice AND plays guitar (but you would wouldn’t you, living with the genius and all.) Hubby Jack has been producing the album. Sigh.


The other ladies in Jack’s life at the moment are a rocking little band called The Black Belles.

Above is the video to their first single “What Can I Do?” directed by Jack. (And yes, eagle eyes will have spotted that Erin Belle is one of the girls shimmying with Jack in the “I Cut Like A Buffalo” video. Sigh.)

Speaking of the Dead Weather, the band are set to release the first single from their as-of-yet untitled second album sometime this spring. The song will be called “Blue Blooded Blues” (just sounds awesome), and Jack will be stealing the spotlight from the goddess that is Alison Mosshart, by taking vocals on this one.


Jack’s also working on a band I’ve seen – and was thoroughly underwhelmed by – called The Smoke Fairies. Lots of harmonies and stuff. Alongside producing a new album for Elvis Presley’s ex Wanda “The Queen of Rockabilly” Jackson.


And in terms of the original girl in Jack’s musical life – Meg, I don’t know when that White Stripes record is going down. Apparantly they have started to work on it, and it will be called “Elevator Door”. But I’ve also heard they hate each other at the moment, so who knows. But they do have a DVD coming out soon..

Valentine’s Day Bullsh*t

I hate Valentine’s Day as much as the next feminist – actually, as much as the next media-savvy human being – and for all your usual reasons: corporate scam, greeting card holiday etc. blah blah. But this V-Day I had a special reason.

In the last few weeks in the UK there have been adverts on the TV trying to sell me Fleetwood Mac’s The Very Best Of as “the perfect Valentine’s Day gift”. This comes equipped with an irony so intense that it’s almost the greatest advertising joke ever.  Anyone with Wikipedia (which is anyone with the internet, which is everyone) can find out that Fleetwood Mac have had more relationship break-ups, make-ups, divorces, tantrums, bitterness and resentment towards each other than probably any other group of people IN THE WORLD. (How romantic.) They’ve also written some of the bestest songs and most famous riffs in the world, which is why the connotation seems to have been rendered irrelevant by the bigwigs.

The worst part about it is that I have this CD, it is a very good CD, and the sum of their efforts – their greatest body of work – has been promoted and shopped as nothing more than a Valentine’s present. It irks me to think that clueless and unimaginative men have bought this CD for no other reason than that the advertisers assured them it would be a well received gift. Well not in my book.  I’m a Mac fan and any other day of the year I’d love someone to give this to me but like I said, there is zero romance in being given this on Valentine’s Day. In terms of love songs there are maybe… 3? (I’d like to point out to any shallow and idealistic sensitive types that what sound like love songs aren’t. They are actually laments of lost love.)

This seems to sum up the lack of respect for music in general. CD’s are flogged rather than advertised:  “This will make your mum happy. This is perfect for Christmas. Can’t think of what to buy your son? He’ll love this! Dad’s favourite CD…” Sigh. I could be taking all this too seriously but then again, I could be on to something. Music is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day.


So hot – Lindsey Buckingham “Big Love”

THIS is how you fingerpick.

Alexander McQueen: 1969-2010

A fashion maverick, innovator and creator died today. His work will be sorely missed in the fashion world.

The Next Big Deal.

All female rock band from Tennesse. Think 60s fuzzy garage rock.

Oh, and you see that logo in the top right corner? That stands for Jack White’s ‘Third Man Records’ label, as if you needed verification of greatness.

Beyond excited. Visit their website for more.

Good Hair

No reason for the provocative title, (ethnics will know what I mean) other than I really do have good hair at the moment.

I share, I share. It is thanks to Ojon hair products. The secret to the products is an ancient oil called Ojon oil from a tree or something, discovered by a tribe of people called the Tawera (which translates as “The people of beautiful hair”).

I have been using the products for about 3 years now and it’s the one I always use when my hair is not braided. The must-haves are the hydrating shampoo, the hydrating conditioner and the pure ojon oil. It creates body and strength in the hair, and tremendous volume when blowdried. It is not specifically for Black hair (I believe Scarlett Johnasson copied me as usual and uses Ojon) but I find it works great for my hair and keeps it healthy. 

However, my sister finds that is does not work as well for her. So to each her own, or however you say it.


(Products available from QVC)