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A Revolutionary Split


Awful title.

 But Kate Winslet has split from hubby /director Sam Mendes =(
Apparantly it’s all amicable but wow. Didn’t see that one coming – seems sudden. But then, you never know about people.

The thing I really wanted to say was my theory. THEORY alledgedly no proof:

Kate Mendes Winslet has suddenly realised she’s in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. They are “best friends” and have been exceptionally close for years, with him even buying her expensive jewellery. Obviously they did the film Revolutionary Road together a few years back with her husband directing. That’s when she realised.

Then again, my theories on everything include Leo. My thoughts, my dreams…


PS. Go see Shutter Island. Leo/Scorsese uh huh.


Pleeease Come Out Soon! “Revolutionary Road”


Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet
Dir: Sam Mendes

This is the second Leo film to feature in our “Pleeease Come Out Soon” section – it’s not that we’re obsessed, it’s just that… well, maybe a little bit. That said, it’s no surprise “Revolutionary Road” has us waiting with baited breath for its release.
It focuses on a young couple set in 1950’s suburbia, fighting personal battles and strained relationships, while trying to raise their children. It also sees Leo and Winslet team up for the second time, more than 10 years after “Titanic” – making us wonder how their dynamic and chemistry has changed.
Generating Oscar buzz already, “Revolutionary Road” is definitely one we’re looking forward to in the New Year.

RELEASE DATE: 30 January 2008 (UK)